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Founded in 1988, Share and Solve is a Mohali based organization, in addition to Legal Experts and Consultants. The idea of a legal-tech integrated company came from the unison of business interest with a sense of social commitment; a vision to revamp the legal services sector of our Country and accentuate the process of consulting a lawyer or getting a query promptly answered. The execution of the concept saw the integration of technology into the conventional system of seeking appointment and reaching out to lawyers.


To make legal services including , pre-booked consultation with top-notch lawyers, etc. available to all people at an affordable rate and without unnecessary hassle; and delivering quality legal assistance to corporate entities.
Share and Solve believes in putting equal emphasis on their social commitments, and attempt to ensure that it is not overshadowed by the profit interests of the business.

To Provide services in the sectors of hardcore litigation to the public at large and Young lawyers in particular.


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